May 14, 2020
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FadedTouch Beta Week 1 Review

We thank you all for a successful launch week at the FadedTouch Beta network! We were able to bring in paid project opportunities for designers & developers. The network has been slowly progressing towards building a valuable user-base. As small fixes & bugs are being tackled by our development team, we are simultaneously analyzing user behavior in order to provide a better experience for clients and freelancers.

First Week Statistics

We managed to reach 60 new users within the first week.

44 of these new users are freelancers

16 of these new users are clients.

We managed to bring in 10 new paid projects within the first week.

2 clients have already found & closed their projects with freelancers.

We were able to provide $100 in project revenue for freelancers.

Our Marketing Approach

The current marketing focus for FadedTouch is to scout and bring in paid projects for freelancers. As we are in the Beta version, we have not launched an extensive marketing campaign yet. Our aim is to scale up slowly from the start, in order for us to better analyze & understand what changes and enhancements should be implemented. We are not looking for rapid growth right now. Instead we are focusing on creating the best service possible before we push this to a much larger audience.

We are scouting projects for graphic & motion designers, developers, and video editors.

Everyday we come across new issues, as well as new ideas for enhancements. We hope to continually evolve and find new ways to be of better service to our users. Once we have this basic foundation set and secure, only then we will indulge in a larger outreach.

We are also working out details with different eSports organizations to possibly sponsor and help build a reputation for FadedTouch.

Preparing for Week 2

We have maintained contact with many of the new users on FadedTouch providing us with suggestions and changes to make. After analyzing and speaking with clients, we have decided to push our focus towards helping clients find the right freelancers and actually completing their projects.

We are currently entertaining the idea of a module to assign a representative of FadedTouch to every project for a more personalized experience for the clients. This module may include a private chat with an assigned representative, as well as functions to highlight and suggest different freelancers to the client for their project. This module is currently under User Interface design & the development will begin soon after completing higher priority tasks.

Some high priority tasks for the next week include fixing email notifications for messages received on the site, & allowing a logged out user to input project details before creating an account.


The first week of launch has seen quite a few bug fixes and small changes to the network as following:

-Hide project images heading if user has not submitted any files

-Project image thumbnails resolution fixed

-Project posting preview date fix

-Implemented a project search page for logged out users / visitors

-Project proposals CSS fix for clients

-Edit profile page CSS fixes

-User skills input bug fix

-Edit project budget fix

-Implemented a system for prioritizing freelancers in the user search module

-Chat message word wrapping

-Project search mobile responsiveness fix

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